Using doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils with Bioresonance

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Using doTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils with Bioresonance

By Vicky Palmer

Essential Oils are Ancient Vibrational Medicines, the oldest form of medicine in the world today. doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils, the purest Essential Oils in the world, are leading the way towards ‘sustainable healthcare’. Increasingly, people are seeking out natural healthcare options which are safe and effective, and which will support their bodies to cleanse, detox, renew, regenerate and support all of its functions. Undoubtedly, the body’s ability to do all of these and to naturally heal will be substantially supported and stimulated by incorporating doTERRA Essential Oils with Bioresonance therapies.

Science has proven that everything is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Each doTERRA Essential Oil has a vibration and frequency that can positively affect our health by stimulating the body’s natural healing system and supporting the immune system. Every organ and cell in the body has its own particular frequency which will resonate with the oil that has the beneficial frequency it needs to regain harmony and balance. The energetic frequency or ‘vibrational signature’ of the oil can be transferred using the BICOM.

Our bodies are just so incredibly clever! They know exactly what to do with each individual component of each of the oils.  Whichever oil we select to use it will always benefit us because our body will use it beneficially wherever it needs it most at that time. However, by using the BICOM we can easily find the right oil/oils for the health issue being treated.

To test which oils would be of benefit simply muscle test or test with the tensor the oils you have to hand, or, test them one at a time in the input cup whilst running an A programme.

Then use these doTERRA Essential Oils in Channel 2 whilst running therapies.

It is also possible to transfer a therapy or therapies into a bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil and then test how long the patient needs to apply this oil, where and how often. For example, to treat a verruca, run a wart program with a bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil in the output cup. Every time the patient applies the Essential Oil to the verruca they will also be getting the wart programme therapy.

A really lovely way to support patients is to fill a small roll-on bottle with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and place this in the Output Cup whilst running all therapies. At the end of the session add a few drops of the most beneficial Essential Oil added to Channel 2 and give to the patient to take home. They will continue to benefit from all the therapy frequencies and be able to enjoy the aroma of the Essential Oil.

doTERRA Essential Oils help to raise our vibrational frequencies, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  As therapists, we need to maintain our health and wellbeing in order to help others.  By using doTERRA Essential Oils consistently, topically, internally and/or aromatically, we can protect ourselves in-between the Bioresonance treatments we are able to give ourselves.

By combining the use of doTERRA Essential Oils with Bioresonance therapies it is possible to keep everyone’s vibrational frequencies up…..Happy, healthy and smelling wonderful too!!

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Vicky Palmer August 2016