A Young Boy suffers with Warts

“My son, aged 12, was suffering with unsightly warts around his finger nails. At first I just thought it was because he used to bite his nails and pick the skin around his nails but I began to realise it was more than that. I googled warts and it said it could be caused by the herpes virus. I took him to the doctor who agreed with that but also said he could not get rid of that virus… he’d have it forever!! The only treatment was to treat the symptoms and not the cause. The options were either expensive, painful laser treatments or gel and freezing treatments. We went with the later option (he now had them on at least five fingers). I had to apply the gel every other day and take him to have them frozen off once a fortnight. I had to sign a consent form for him to do this as the doctor said his nails will more than likely drop off!! He also said it would take at least a year to clear!!!!! After 6 weeks of gel every other day and three lots of freezing his cuticles were starting to lift away from the nails, they looked loads worse and the most worrying thing was that he had got new warts appearing lower down on his fingers.

Then luckily I found Chris and David and soon had my son booked in for a bioresonance therapy session. I am so happy to say that after one 90 minute consultation/treatment with Chris his warts disappeared. Two weeks after the treatment there was a huge improvement and after three weeks you’d never know that he’d ever had them. They’d all gone, his cuticles were back to normal and his nails looked the healthiest they’d looked in months. We still kept our appointment with the doctor so we could show him the vast improvement that had been made already by the time his appointment was due and he was amazed, he couldn’t believe it and said he’d never seen anything like it before.

I am so pleased for my son as he was starting to get picked on at school about his warts and if it wasn’t for bioresonance I dread to think what state he’d be in by now. I can’t thank Chris enough and next time I’ll definitely use bioresonance before a doctor.”