Healthy life regained with the aid of Bioresonance

“I could not recommend Chris and Reson8 any more. In August 2017, two months after getting married, I suddenly became extremely ill and was hospitalised due to severe symptoms I was suffering.

At this point, I was unable to walk, unable to work, my wife was expecting and I felt that my body was shutting down. Luckily I was informed by a paramedic (who had Lyme Disease) that the NHS have little to zero knowledge on auto-immune illnesses and I should go to a bioresonance practitioner. Obviously, I have been brought up to think the NHS knows it all so was massively skeptical however my wife believed in the concept of bioresonance. I told Chris very little about what was going on, however after my first session, the incredible technology picked up multiple strains of Lyme, Coinfections and other pathogens within my body and he started treating it.

He informed me to go every week, which would turn in to every fortnight, to every month, to every 6 weeks and so forth and now over two years later, I visit Chris every 2-3 months. It’s not just the treatment as to why I would recommend Reson8. Chris is an extremely likeable person and I genuinely look forward to going through not just for treatment but for a catch up. He’s extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, professional, approachable and is one who offers options whilst not being pushy. I had zero knowledge on gut health prior to seeing Chris however now I think my gut is probably healthier than it ever has been.

Although Lyme will never be completely gone from my system, when I sat in that chair the first time, I felt 10-15% healthy. Now I rarely feel under 80% healthy. I have been back on the road with work for 18 months, moved house, been promoted and am just about to have a 2nd child since and I put the majority of the reason behind that on Bioresonance.”

– Lee