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Stomach issues improved with the aid of Bioresonance?

At the end of March 2020, just at the start of lockdown here in the UK, we received a call at our clinic from a gentleman whose father had advanced prostate cancer, he wanted to know if we could help. His father was suffering from severe sickness, vomiting multiple times a day and not being […]

“Bioresonance has given me my life back!”

My name is Sarah and I’m writing this to tell my experience with Bioresonance therapy and how it has changed my life. It all started in early 2007, prior to this time I was living a fairly active, healthy life. I worked part time and had two children, both under the age of 10. I […]



“I stopped smoking 3 years ago today with Bioresonance Therapy. I had stopped before using this method but stupidly started again because I couldn’t quit the ‘hand to mouth’ habit. Since having Bioresonance Therapy on the 3rd of January 2017, I haven’t smoked a single cigarette. To put this in context, I started smoking in […]