“Bioresonance has given me my life back!”

My name is Sarah and I’m writing this to tell my experience with Bioresonance therapy and how it has changed my life.

It all started in early 2007, prior to this time I was living a fairly active, healthy life. I worked part time and had two children, both under the age of 10. I started to notice that I was getting tired very easily, I initially put it down to running a busy life and didn’t take much notice of it. As time went on, the tiredness seemed to get worse day by day, it turned from average tiredness to extreme fatigue and I would struggle with the everyday tasks I would normally do without even thinking about them. I started to get headaches which would last all day and didn’t seem to ease. I also noticed I had a severe loss of appetite, to the point where I wasn’t even hungry. I was eating small meals simply just to keep my energy up, not because I felt like it.

Overtime I noticed that I had lost quite a lot of weight, being someone that has always struggled to lose weight due to my underactive thyroid, I was quite pleased with how I looked. My skin had also naturally started to darken, it was the middle of winter and I looked like I had been in the Caribbean for months. I did notice though that there were some pigmentation marks that had appeared too. My hair had also gone from being thin and fairly straight to thick, voluminous hair that had started to curl, and I mean really curly, almost corkscrew curls.  I thought it was strange that my body was changing in all these ways, but I looked healthy! I looked the best I had ever looked; my physique was slim; my skin was tanned and glowy and my hair was like out of a catalogue. Little did I know that those were symptoms of a life-threatening condition.

As time went on, my hair (although still thick and voluminous) started to fall out, and my sister noticed I had a bald patch, roughly the size of a 10 pence coin, on the back of my head. These only got worse, as more and more patches came through, getting bigger. It got to the point where I had about 5 on my head, all the sizes of golf balls. Then came the nausea, extreme nausea. However, I never did actually vomit from the nausea, but it was constant, mostly all day.

It eventually got to the point where all I could do was get dressed and go downstairs to lay on the couch. I couldn’t do anything, I felt as though my body was shutting down, little did I know it actually was.

Whilst being so ill, I had paid several visits to the doctor’s office. Each time being told, “You have kids and busy lifestyle! Of course, you’re going to be tired!” and one doctor even turned around and told me “It’s all in your head!” It was so frustrating!

Eventually, when I was at my worst, my husband virtually had to carry me back to the doctors. Thankfully I was being seen by a different Doctor that day. During the visit, he noticed my hands were very dark, especially my knuckles, and wanted a blood test taken immediately and said the results would be back within the week. I got a call the very next day, the hospital rang the doctors and asked if we could go straight away. Our local hospital couldn’t get me in for another 2 weeks, so thankfully I was able to get an appointment for the following day at a hospital about 45 minutes away.

Upon arrival, we were seen by an endocrinologist who tested my adrenal levels, I think it’s more commonly known as the ‘fight or flight’ test. On average, people usually end up with a reading of around 600, it can be below, and it can be higher than that, but it is usually around that number. Mine was 35. They said it was more than likely Addison’s disease, which I had never heard of before. Within hours, they gave me a bunch of medication, including an injection kit and steroids. I was sent home and told to wait for a call in the next few days on when and if I should start the medication. I got the call that same afternoon. I found out later that 9 out of 10 people who have Addison’s disease are diagnosed after death. No wonder I had felt like my body was shutting down, because it was! I was weeks away from death and I didn’t even know.

For about a year after my diagnosis, I felt good and life itself felt good again. I was still very limited in what I could do and slowly day by day I was getting more and more tired again. The side effects of the medication were starting to set in and take their toll on me. My husband and I had been looking into Bioresonance therapy as we had a few friends who had good experiences with it. We went to see a gentleman who our friends recommended. I had an hour session and didn’t feel much different straight after. However, the next day, I felt a lot better. So, our story with Bioresonance starts there. My husband then decided to purchase a device for us, as we felt it was the best for my health and we were fortunate to be in the financial position to do so.

I began having weekly treatments to help alleviate different symptoms I was experiencing. I was still taking my medications, as I feel it is important to mention that Bioresonance is not a “cure all” device, it is a complementary therapy. I have found it massively boosted my energy levels and to have more of a normal life. If I don’t have treatment for more than a week or so, I really notice a difference and I can feel my body become more and more fatigued again.

In conclusion, I have been having Bioresonance therapy now for around nine years and it has majorly impacted my life in a positive way. I feel like I have my life back again and can resume some more “normality” again. My health issues are ongoing, and it always seems to be a never-ending battle. There always seems to be new things propping up which Bioresonance can’t stop, but it does help me to carry on with life.