“As far as I’m concerned, bioresonance has been the greatest discovery of my life”

Client Name: Sabine Lauermann-Bittner

Sabine Lauermann-Bittner, vet:

In 1989 I opened a small animal practice and, since then, have accumulated a wealth of professional experience. I am a second generation vet and continue to practice my profession enthusiastically and with pleasure.

I integrated bioresonance therapy into my practice because I found conventional medical diagnosis and treatment unsatisfactory for chronically sick animals. I looked around for alternatives and increasingly treated these cases holistically and homeopathically, with growing success.

As far as I’m concerned, bioresonance has been the greatest discovery of my life – it has taken me into another dimension.

Initially, I was very skeptical as I had never heard anything about it before. Now I am very enthusiastic about the successful outcomes I have achieved. I use the device every day in my practice.

The animal owners who come to me generally have a long history of having consulted numerous practices. Many are desperate and disheartened and only come to me because they have been sent by other animal owners.

We carry out bioresonance testing to diagnose the problem, start treating with the device and, after just a short time, we see visible changes and signs of success. Most animals are restored to health. I have witnessed the most unusual stories.

Case study: A new life for Nancy the cat

One case, in particular, touched me. The story of an old sick cat. An elderly lady I have known for a long time went to the cats’ home seeking to adopt a cat which nobody else was sure to want – she didn’t even mind if it was sick. The lady had such profound confidence in my veterinary ability that she said to me: “I’m taking in an old sick animal and want to look after it. I’ll bring it to you for treatment and you’ll make it healthy again!”

That’s how she found Nancy, a 15-year-old cat who was in a pitiful state. She had absolutely no fur, her skin was all scratched and dotted with pimples, she had chronic diarrhea, was dirty and had problems tolerating food. She scratched continuously, was emaciated, anxious and other animals would not tolerate her.

I was shocked when I saw the cat for the first time. She sat in the basket, a picture of misery, emaciated and wasted away. I began BICOM® treatment after extensive testing. The cat had multiple allergies and was contaminated with heavy metal and toxins which had to be eliminated.

Bioresonance treatment took a while because old animals need time to regulate their bodies. I treated the animal at fortnightly to monthly intervals. We could see an improvement from one treatment to the next. Her fur grew back completely over the course of time and her condition improved visibly.

After eight sessions she was restored to health. She can now eat virtually anything and her weight is normal. From time to time we support her kidneys with the program “renal functional impairment”.

On these visits, I can see how well she is doing now. Nancy has a stress-free life now and the old lady is extremely happy. Her loving care and affection have obviously contributed to this success!

I wish more colleagues would offer bioresonance as there are many apparently “hopeless” cases for which conventional medicine cannot offer sufficient help.