Not a moment’s regret about buying a BICOM® device as…

Bicom vet treating horse using the bicom

Client Name: Dr Jochen Becker

…it treats the causes instead of suppressing the symptoms!

I have had my own practice for 20 years and over this time have noticed a shift in the disorders affecting my animal patients. While initially I tended to treat acute cases such as high temperature, injuries, etc. and got along superbly with conventional medical drugs, the range of indications increasingly shifted over time towards chronic conditions.

This always involved the same routine – for want of any better options: administering painkillers, cortisone, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. But knowing from the start that, without these drugs, these animals would probably never be rid of their symptoms was not what I had hoped for from my career as a vet.

I should add that I was an extremely “old-fashioned” confirmed practitioner of conventional medicine. My own experience over many years – I suffered from various allergies from the age of five – then brought me via a circuitous route to bioresonance. Since, as mentioned earlier, I was no longer satisfied with the options offered by conventional medicine, I saw a great opportunity for using this modern method of treatment in the veterinary field.

I bought a BICOM® device and soon realised how fascinating the opportunities for testing with this device are. I can delve with forensic accuracy into the underlying causes of a disease, can test out which blocks need releasing and when I have found that out, I can solve 90% of cases.

This is not really possible with about 10% of cases but even here I can always provide some relief. And without resorting to chemicals either!

I use the BICOM® with all kinds of allergic disease, such as skin allergies for example, chronic diarrhoea as well as acute diarrhoea, fertility problems, gastrointestinal problems, metabolic disorders, lameness, etc. Within the space of eighteen months (the length of time I have had the BICOM® device), I have already treated a couple of hundred cases and in only one of these was therapy unsuccessful.

Case study: Fertility problems in Jack Russell terrier

One of my most fascinating cases was that of 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier bitch Daisy. This dog was neither in heat nor pregnant for almost two years. The owner, a breeder, was very disappointed as she had had such great hopes of breeding from this animal.

When Daisy came to my practice she appeared extremely frantic and agitated. Testing with the BICOM® device revealed that the “basic program for patients with blocked reactions” was appropriate.

When checking for possible blocks I encountered severe geopathic stress. Since activating the eliminating organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, lymph, for example, plays an important part in successful therapy, I also tested which of Daisy’s organs needed activating. In her case it was the kidneys.

Using the BICOM® combined test technique I found other harmful factors such as Chlamydia, for example. The pre-installed program “mesenchyma treatment“ and “toxin elimination“ also tested positive. So I treated the problems found with the BICOM® and supplemented the therapy with the other programs tested.

The owner noticed after the first treatment session that the dog was already behaving differently and was calmer. This effect was reinforced after the second treatment and Daisy became noticeably more stable, and was no longer frantic or agitated.

I only treated her three times in all, at weekly intervals. After just the third treatment session, Daisy came on heat. She conceived shortly afterwards and then later gave birth to eight healthy puppies! She is in excellent health, is lively and continues to come on heat normally!

The breeder is over the moon. She said that she would not have believed it, that she hadn’t seen her dog like that for three years and Daisy was back to her old self again!

She then sent all her neighbours to me with their animals. These included patients with dreadful skin problems where all conventional medical treatments had failed. I managed to rid these of their symptoms too using bioresonance.

We experienced very similar success to that described earlier with the Jack Russell terrier in a horse that did not conceive for years.

Its hormone cycle was continually monitored in line with the conventional medical approach and everything possible was tried. The horse had already undergone various hormone therapies. After testing and treating it with the BICOM® device, it is now with foal!

I am thrilled with this method and haven’t regretted for an instant opting for BICOM® bioresonance as I have achieved remarkable success from the outset.

I attribute this success in large part to the extensive testing options and also to the overall quality of the device. Not only does the userfriendliness of the new BICOM® BICOM optima® continually win me over every day, I also appreciate the large number of pre-installed programs and the wide-ranging possibilities of applying this technique. I believe it is the best bioresonance device available on the market and more than justifies the investment!

Photo Dr Becker: Jack Russell terrier bitch Daisy with puppies