Belly fat and Bioresonance therapy

Excess weight and obesity are widely prevalent today. According to the World Health Organization, there were more than 1.9 billion adults over 18 who were overweight in 2016, and more than 650 million of them were classified as obese. Obesity kills more people than being underweight and malnutrition. Accumulation of fat mass, particularly in the abdominal area, puts your health in jeopardy but the good thing is that excess weight and obesity are both preventable and manageable. Throughout this article, we’re going to talk about the role of bioresonance therapy in belly fat loss.

Dangers of belly fat

Before we can even discuss bioresonance and its influence on weight loss, we need to address the dangers of belly fat. Despite the wide prevalence of excess weight and obesity, there’s still a lot to learn in order to get motivated to do something about it. Fat in your abdominal area is called visceral fat, and it accumulates in spaces between and around the viscera, i.e. the internal organs like intestines. Visceral fat produces toxins that affect the way your body functions. Some of these harmful compounds are inflammatory cytokines which could also lead to heart disease and increase the risk of diabetes by making the body less sensitive to insulin. Inflammation caused by cytokines can elevate cancer risk. In fact, abdominal fat is associated with higher odds of developing cancers of the esophagus, colon, and pancreas. 

Belly fat is more dangerous than we assume due to the fact it may be elevated even if you don’t appear overweight. It gives people a false sense of security thinking everything’s okay while it puts your heart in serious danger. For these, and many other reasons, it is of huge importance to adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep weight in a healthy range. 

Bioresonance and abdominal fat

Bioresonance is not some random health trend that people will follow for a while and ditch when something new comes along. Instead, bioresonance is an alternative medicine type that fits perfectly into a holistic lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from bioresonance therapies primarily because they take a unique approach toward the treatment of every individual, unlike conventional therapies which are applied to all people in an equal manner. All of us are different, and our bodies have different needs. Bioresonance is one of a few types of alternative medicine that respect this uniqueness, even in the treatment of increased belly fat. 

What makes bioresonance beneficial for abdominal fat reduction? Well, this therapy uses the body’s electromagnetic waves in order to monitor the body, test for malfunctions, and allow it to start healing itself. Your body is a complex web of connections, systems, tissues, and cells all of which play a role in your health and weight. By allowing practitioners to identify what, exactly, went wrong bioresonance provides a more effective approach toward successful loss of stubborn belly fat. 

Bioresonance therapy for the purpose of weight loss requires placement of applicators onto specific points on patient’s ears. At the same time, the practitioner monitors electromagnetic waves. That’s not all; there’s also a different program which serves to exhibit new waves to a person’s body. What happens then? The primary objective of this simple treatment is to accelerate metabolic rate. You see, people lose weight when they burn more calories than they consume through food. Some people have a slow metabolism, and their body doesn’t get to burn a sufficient amount of calories before they consume more food. 

With bioresonance, metabolism speeds up thus allowing a patient to lose calories and get rid of stubborn abdominal fat more easily than it would take if you were to do it without any help. The therapy also involves identifying and tackling stressors in the body such as bacteria, toxins, parasites, among others. These invaders make weight and fat loss more difficult. By identifying and managing them, it becomes easier to manage your weight effectively. 

Belly fat loss tips

Bioresonance poses as a natural, yet effective approach toward better health and wellbeing. This therapy can, indeed, help patients slim down and get rid of excess fat, but you still have to make some effort. Every type of medical practice, alternative or not, also requires some lifestyle modifications so the patients could get the maximum out of the therapy and bioresonance is not the exception. Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you lose belly fat:

  • Eat a fiber-rich diet 
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid foods laden with sugar and trans fats
  • Reduce consumption of heavily processed foods
  • Enrich your diet with fruits and vegetables
  • Increase physical activity levels
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Manage stress
  • Stay hydrated 


Bioresonance can be a great ally in the fight against increased belly fat. Have a consultation appointment with a bioresonance practitioner to see how they can help you. Remember, you need to pair your bioresonance therapy with a healthy lifestyle and results will show for sure.