Bioresonance Therapy – Back Pain


A study suggests that approximately 80% of the entire world’s population will experience problems with back pain at some stage in their life. x-ray image of a man with back pain on black with clipping path .It is also reported that the leading cause of disability throughout the entire world is caused by low back pain. Back problems are also more common in female patients than in male patients. At least 50% of pregnant women also complain about back pain during their pregnancy. These statistics offers evidence that the condition is spread throughout the world and millions of individuals are suffering from back pain or low back pain. These pains are also commonly associated with the spinal cord.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by various factors that affects elements in your back. When an alteration in the way your muscles, disks, spinal joints and nerves fit and move together occurs, it can cause mild to severe pain in the back or lower back. Many conditions have been linked to the cause of back pain, as well as several lifestyle factors. Some commonly associated conditions include:

  • Problems with your spine, spinal joints and herniated discs
  • Injuries that caused a strain or fracture in the back
  • Diseases such as arthritis and scoliosis

Medical experts have also linked several physical factors to the contribution of back pain. Having too much excess weight is one of the leading physical factors that can lead to back pain. Other physical causes also include smoking, a lack of exercise and physical activity, lifting objects that are too heavy, walking for long hours with high heel shoes and not sitting straight up.

Treatment Options

Research reports that only 10% of patients who experience back pain are aware of the problem or condition causing the pain. Without knowing the actual cause, it is hard to provide an effective treatment method as the problem cannot be specifically targeted. A study found that 40% of individuals who knows the cause of their pain had a physical exam conducted by their primary care physician. Furthermore, the study found that 40% of these patients were diagnosed by a chiropractor and 20% were diagnosed by a subspecialist.

Before treatment for back pain can commence, a medical professional should conduct a thorough examination in order to determine the severity of the condition. The doctor may ask questions such as how long the pain has been present and how severe it is. Painkillers are usually recommended to patients, but prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also provide effective relief in cases where severe pain is experienced. Lifestyle changes might also be recommended by the doctor, including regular exercise, losing weight, changing your sleep position and introducing stress coping techniques into your life. All of these can help ease the pain and reduce inflammation in the back.

Patients who experience long-term back pain might be diagnosed with a more severe condition that affects their muscles, discs or spinal cord. In these cases, treatment options could include therapy and acupuncture. Should all treatment options fail to provide effective relief of the symptoms, surgery might be an option recommended by a specialist.

Bioresonance Therapy

With the use of bioresonance therapy, healthcare providers are able to conduct a thorough diagnosis on the patient in order to determine the source of the pain. During this process, a diagnosis will also be made in order to determine if the patient has any allergens that could be affecting their health condition. After a successful diagnosis, a treatment plan can be configured in order to use bioresonance therapy to treat the patient’s back pain problems. Many patients report a noticeable decrease in pain after only two sessions. Bioresonance therapy also assists with increasing the rate at which the body heals itself, which helps to reduce the pain faster.


While back pain is the leading cause of disability on the planet, only one in 10 people knows the cause of their back pain. A throughout examination can provide a more accurate diagnosis of the condition causing the pain, which could be followed by a more effective treatment option. Bioresonance therapy also poses as a potential treatment option and have been proven to be effective when used in combination with other treatment methods.