Breakthrough In Homeopathy Discovered, But Bioresonance May Still Be A More Effective Approach

When you think back a few hundred years, then you think about the fact that medicine was not developed yet and people had to rely on mother nature to help them recover from disease and take care of infections. While the death rates were relatively higher in those older times, there was quite a lot of cases where certain diseases were successfully treated through the utilization of medicinal herbs. Today, we turn towards conventional treatments whenever we feel the common cold coming, when we develop a disease or when we fall victim to an infection, without even considering the fact that natural remedies may assist with treating some of these conditions. Yes, conventional treatment options are extremely effective in defeating bacteria and assisting with reducing the symptoms of many diseases, as well as to help cure some medical conditions but, at the same time, the exposure to the chemicals found in these medicines are not always as beneficial as a person might think.

As an alternative to conventional medication, homeopathy treatments still exists today, but often do not get the respect and attention it deserves – mostly because people have started to trust medications that they can get from a doctor or a pharmacy more than those they can get from mother nature. There is also the fact that many publications deem homeopathy as an ineffective treatment method that does no good for the treatment of disease and illness. Still, many research studies have proven homeopathic medicine to be effective and several cases of successful treatment have been noted in online publications. In this post, we are going to look at homeopathy, including the latest breakthroughs in proving the efficiency of this medicine, as well as look at how bioresonance might still be a more effective approach when it comes to alternative treatments and remedies for disease.

Homeopathy Proven To Be Effective In Research Study

British Homeopathy reports that more than 200 million individuals over the world are turning towards homeopathy medicine when they fall ill. They continue to report that people turn towards homeopathic medicine to assist with the treatment of acute health conditions, as well as chronic health concerns. Homeopathy is quite a unique treatment method, taking each individual’s mind, body and spirit into account when a treatment plan is administered.

A report published on Natural News has sparked quite a lot of interest in the world of homeopathy, with most doctors that specializes in conventional treatments now finding that, despite their previous beliefs, homeopathic medicine may well be able to assist in dealing with certain medical conditions without exposing the patient to the potentially harmful effects that are often caused by chemicals found in prescription and over-the-counter medicine. Natural News reports that this research study is now dubbed as the “holy grail” in the homeopathy industry as, even though there are many other studies that proof the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, this particular one has provided more in-depth details about how homeopathic works – which is an area that has always been relatively grey in the past.

The study that was conducted found that homeopathy worked by the utilization of subtle energies, and that water actually has the ability to store memories – as already described in a famous book. They explain that water can take on the form of numerous molecular structures, based on its environment and, of course, what it put into the water. During the study, histamine was added to a glass of water. The researchers explain that, after adding histamine to the water, the molecular structure of the water has changed since the water now contains histamine. They continuously diluted the water until there was only a 1% concentration of the original water with the histamine solution. They continue to explain that, after this dilution process, histamine molecules no longer exists in the water. Still, the researchers were able to proof that, even though there were no histamine molecules left in the water, the water still had memories of the histamine that was originally added to the first glass. When they combined the water with a living biological system, the water is able to recall the effects of the histamine and exert such effects on the living biological system it was added to.

Homeopathic Medicine Saves A Life

Now that we have taken a look at a recent breakthrough in homeopathic medicine, we should also look at an example of where this form of medicine was extremely helpful to a person. On the 10th of April 2017, a report was published on The Times Of India, providing details of how homeopathic medicine was able to save the life of a patient with heart problems.

The report explains that Kamal Vyas, a patient aged 68, was admitted to a hospital after he fainted at a temple during a service. After several tests were performed on the patient, the doctors found he had suffered from congestive heart failure. He was injected with conventional medicine to help thin his blood, but the doctors recommended urgent surgery due to the seriousness of his condition. A heart transplant was also recommended by the doctors.

After his family refused a heart transplant and was skeptical about heart surgery, they decided to opt for a second opinion from a homeopathic doctor. The homeopathic doctor noticed that the patient’s condition was very serious and also observed abnormal heart rhythms, which is medically known as murmurs. Fluid had also accumulated in the patient’s lungs and his legs were significantly swollen. The homeopathic doctor admitted that the patient’s condition was somewhat complicated, but agreed to start treatment with homeopathic medicine.

The first homeopathic treatment that was administered included mother tincture, which is a diuretic. This medicinal herb was used to flush out the accumulated fluid in the patient’s lungs and throughout the rest of his body. After the administration of mother tincture, additional homeopathic medicine was administered to the patient to assist with relaxing the muscles of his heart. Approximately one-month later, the patient experienced significant improvements in his condition and no longer required invasive surgery for the treatment of his disease.

How Bioresonance Can Be Used As An Alternative To Homeopathic Medicine and Conventional Treatments

Homeopathic medicine has both positive and negative attributes to consider before opting for such a treatment option, especially as an alternative to conventional medicine. While there are many advantages to gain from the use of homeopathic medicine, it is also important to consider that this approach may not always be effective for all kinds of diseases and medical conditions, and that there are even some reports that details potential toxicity of homeopathic medicine that has not been properly prepared.

As an alternative to these alternative medicines, bioresonance therapy poses as an option that does not lead to the development of any kind of side-effects, yet poses as one of the most effective and successful alternative choices. Bioresonance therapy’s success is mostly attributable to the fact that this form of treatment utilizes the body’s own electromagnetic waves; thus offers one of the most personalized treatment methods that are currently available in the medical and holistic industries. When bioresonance therapy is utilized, a bicom device reads electromagnetic waves from the patient’s body and then sends modified waves back, based on the initial input that was retrieved from the patient, to help the body heal itself in such a way that no adverse reactions would be experienced.

With the new discovery of homeopathy in mind, bioresonance therapy also acts upon water in a similar way in which homeopathy does – by relying on the memory that water exhibits. Since the human body consists of around 70% water, bioresonance therapy can utilize this to the advantage of the patient and send signals throughout the body. These vibrations would then be recorded in the water content’s memory; thus the effects can be exerted throughout the body continuously since the vibrations will be stored in the water’s memory.

When you compare homeopathy and bioresonance, as well as take conventional treatment methods into account, it becomes quite obvious that bioresonance therapy can offer significant benefits over the other options. Conventional treatments do not utilize the water content or its memory in any way, but rather acts directly on certain parts of the body to treat a disease. The chemicals found in conventional treatments may also cause harm to the body and lead to side-effects. Homeopathy has been proven to be effective, but some concerns are still present amongst many. Bioresonance, on the other hand, does not expose the body to any chemicals and it is a risk-free treatment option that can be administered as a trial and, should the method not be effective. If the treatment is effective, on the other hand, the therapy can be continued. In many cases, bioresonance therapy can also be utilized alongside another treatment options either to enhance the process of the other options, or to help the patient deal with the side-effects that may be caused by the other option.


While conventional treatment methods are the go-to source for treating disease and illness today, we should not completely disavow the fact that medicinal herbs and plants are often proven to be effective in the treatment of many conditions. Recent breakthroughs have also proven that homeopathy is real and not a gimmick as previously thought, with several case studies available to offer further proof of how homeopathy can be effective. As an alternative to homeopathy, however, the use of bioresonance therapy may still be a better approach when dealing with disease and other medical problems in the human body. Bioresonance therapy is a proven alternative treatment measure and has been used in the treatment of asthma, autism, allergies, heart problems and more.