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Case studies about Bicom therapies

Silent Stroke Detected Thanks to BICOM® BodyCheck


A holistic practitioner had been struggling for months with brain fog, a term which is used to describe symptoms relating to an impairment in cognitive function. She was having difficulty remembering things and was less able to effectively converse with others. She started to strongly believe that her symptoms were attributable to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), […]

BICOM® BodyCheck Case Study – Drug Abuse

One client had been reviewing several different Non-Linear Analysis Scanner (NLS) devices. NLS scanners are biofeedback, or bioresonance, devices that use electromagnetic signals to scan a patient. These wavelengths are emitted by the machine and the patient’s response to the signals is measured, often through applicators on the skin. The results of these scans are displayed on […]

BICOM® BodyCheck Case Study – Assessing Lung Function

Energetic state of the lungs

A male patient is struggling with shortness of breath. A BICOM® BodyCheck scan is conducted to show the average energetic state throughout the entire body. Of particular importance is the Lung area, as this is where the man seems to be experiencing problems. However, the lung area appears generally normal in the scan, apart from some […]

Experiences from Kenya

Re: Case studies, BICOM®. I decided that before I send any other case studies, it was optimum to start at the beginning! Case study No 1. A short case study of  myself and my family. We as a family got exposed to BICOM® therapies about 15 years ago, here in Kenya.  Obviously, having experienced  the […]