Italian patient: able to enjoy eating spaghetti again after 30 years…

Since March 2004 we have been using bioresonance therapy in our practice. It is very rewarding because we can see the way in which it can help more and more of our patients.

This was true of an Italian patient, who had been suffering from dyspepsia for more than 30 years. His symptoms got progressively worse year after year. Some time ago he had stopped eating his beloved spaghetti with a glass of wine and followed by a small grappa, because he could no longer tolerate them. Since then he was unable to eat very much at all and looked extremely emaciated.

During this first visit with the help of the BICOM® device we identified a pronounced wheat and cow’s milk intolerance.

For eight weeks he was treated every week with the stored allergy programs. During this time the patient consciously avoided eating products containing wheat and cow’s milk. He got better week after week until at the end of the therapy, i.e. eight weeks later, he was cured.

As a small thank-you he invited me to an Italian restaurant around the corner and for the first time in a long time was able to really enjoy a spaghetti bolognese and drink a glass of wine. He really enjoyed the food. Once back in Italy he lit a thank-you candle for us and BICOM® therapy in the village church and still speaks of it as a miracle.