Migraines with acute nausea and vomiting

Cow’s milk as the main trigger?

There can be a number of causes of migraines. Problems in the cervical spine region, hormonal disturbances and food allergies are just some of the triggers for migraine attacks.

During my years of experience as a BICOM® therapist I have discovered that, particularly in the case of migraines which result in acute nausea and vomiting, there is generally a milk intolerance present and this can even be the main trigger.

This was the case for a 35-year-old woman, who came to my practice at the start of the year because of her migraine attacks. She suffered terribly from the attacks, because she was constantly vomiting and couldn’t keep down any painkillers.

I tested her for an intolerance to cow’s milk. Five BICOM® treatments at weekly intervals with a strict abstinence from cow’s milk have freed her from her migraines to this day. She can now enjoy eating her favourite cheese again.

I supported the cow’s milk allergy treatment with corresponding BICOM® programs for the intestine and liver elimination organs. The patient received her last BICOM® treatment half a year ago and has not had a migraine since.

In the past year I have used BICOM® therapy to successfully treat around 40 patients, ca. 90% of whom were women and 10% men suffering from migraines accompanied by nausea. After a maximum of six treatments – and in some cases only two treatments were needed – these patients were free from their migraines.

There are a number of different types of migraines, including those that do not cause nausea and for which cow’s milk intolerance isn’t one of the main stresses. Here it is very important to investigate the cause and this is made significantly easier with the BICOM® device.

But it isn’t just migraine patients who are delighted with bioresonance therapy. I could list any number of other cases which I have successfully treated with BICOM® therapy.