Lyme Therapy Protocol and Essential Oils

A number of Bioresonance therapists, some of which are doctors and vets in the UK are having remarkable success treating Lyme Disease patients.

Tick bite
Tick with its head sticking in human skin, red blotches indicate an infection

As a leading supplier of these medical devices we wanted to put some information together on the holistic treatment of Lyme and other protocols that can be added to make the treatment more effective. As the treatment is often stored on the BICOM® chip, mineral water or oil we will also discuss using essential oils in the oil often given to the patient to take away.

Introduction to Lyme

This condition and its co-infections are becoming more and more of a problem in the UK. It is associated with Tick bites where the Tick is infected with the bacteria Borrelia. As a tick can become full and drop off with 10-15 minutes, you may not even know you have been bitten. A visible bullseye rash can form around the bite but this only happens around 30% of the time. Doctors in the UK ask if you have been around moorland that contain deer but some specialists are even saying this bacteria can be spread by other means. The University of Wisconsin conducted some research on infected cows with Lyme disease they found that the spirochetes came out in the milk of the infected cow. How many of us drink milk? What about breast milk?

The Daily Mail reported in April 2016 that Dr Elsheikha describes it as a “Ticking Time Bomb” with over 300,000 people in the US diagnosed each year. The figure for Europe is 65,000 but the figure is far higher, mainly because many tests come back negative when they are positive. If you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even lupus, you need testing for Lyme and its co-infections. Especially if you have been ill for a long time and you are not getting answers.

There can be many symptoms with Lyme, possibly over 150 which can make it difficult for doctors, it’s not called the Great Mimicker for nothing. Take this free questionnaire which gives you a probability score:

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But one of the symptoms I look for listening to clients speak and going through their history and symptoms is pain that moves all over the body and where they’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, but yet they have arthritis. They say there’s arthritis in their knee, but then the next day it’s fine. It’s in their shoulder. That’s not the classic arthritis that I think about. That’s more of typically a Lyme disease thing. Because Lyme loves the joints. Lyme loves the tissues.

Spirochetes are the big giveaway for Lyme, it’s a bacteria that drills into things like red blood cells, it can live within the cells and that’s why blood tests often don’t find them. Reson8 in Leeds UK actually do Live Blood Analysis and leave the blood on the slide, as the red cells die you can sometimes see the Spirochetes leaving the cells.

Spirochete breaking out of a red blood cell
Possible Spirochete breaking out of a red blood cell
Borrelia can break up white blood cells
Borrelia can break up white blood cells

Bioresonance cannot diagnose Lyme and a properly trained therapist will acknowledge this for any type of condition, but if resonance is found then it needs treating. If a conventional test confirms a diagnosis then you are on the road to finding an effective treatment plan.

There can be false positives as there can be false negatives but the great thing with bioresonance therapy is that you cannot do any harm when treating a patient. The basic and detoxification programs will work well for any condition and you will start to notice your health improving.

If you are looking for a conventional test to backup your other results then try and use their iSpot Lyme. If you get a positive from this company there is only a 6% chance it’s wrong and if they say you haven’t got it then it’s a 16% chance its wrong.


Bioresonance therapists report that they don’t just find Borrelia but also a number of co-infections, if you have Lyme Disease then you are often a target by other ticks and you will get bitten more than other people around you. This means you can get re-infected and other co-infections are added to your body.

BICOM® owners can make their own tick repellant.

All the co-infections need treating but the body needs treating first in order to prevent a Herxheimer reaction.

First therapy session

Step 1: Basic therapy based on conductance value of patient and at the same time add the Lyme/Borrelia substance complex. Use DMI as needed. The new basic therapies from 2014 work best. 10250-10255

Step 2: Treat blockages that can prevent the treatment from being as effective as possible. The Allergy Preparation program is best for this, don’t be fooled by the name. Program Sequence 10314

Step 3: Detoxification programs on the Liver, Lymph and Kidneys. The best program is Detoxification General. Program Sequence 10046

Step 4: Use the CTT (combined test technique) kits on Program 191 or 197 and when you no longer get resonance you need to go through the Potentising Programs on Ai. Use Parasite kit and ELP031 (Ticks) Bacteria kit B007 (Borrelia) B008 (Bordetella) B038 (Rickettsia) If you have the Lyme Kit from BICOM® UK then use that too.

Also check for other stress on the body like Candida, Eppstein Barr, Mold, Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, cadmium, Aluminium etc.

Build up the intestinal system with the many BICOM® programs and a good probiotic.

Store the therapy session in the BICOM® Chip and the BRT oil (bioresonance therapy) in the red cup, after the session we also add essential oils to the BRT oil. These oils are antibacterial and antimicrobial and they can take care of pathogens without harming the tissue around them.

Oils to use for Lyme:

Garlic, Clove, Frankincense, Oregano, Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Lemon

Use the roller applicator and administer on the areas that will work best such as lymphatic areas and the soles of the feet, especially at night.

Other essentials: Check for Mercury in the brain, help your patient to get plenty of sleep (8 hours min) which is one of the best ways to remove inflammation from the brain, along with the BICOM® of course.

By David Franklin

*The above is not designed to replace any advice about treatment for Lyme Disease given by your doctor. If you are seriously ill you need to seek medical help.