Styes and Chalazions (Inflammation of the eyelid)

Stye on the top eyelid

Styes and Chalazions are glandular inflammations of the eye and are differentiated as follows:

  • Stye: bacterial infection in the sweat / sebaceous gland on eyelid
  • Chalazion: non bacterial infection, cyst due to blocked sebaceous gland on eyelid

They are generally considered harmless, but are bothersome and can recur repeatedly if not treated properly.

Styes are more common. They are painful, with red swollen skin and are very sensitive to pressure. The inflammation is mostly caused by staphylococci, which cause abscesses and infects skin lesions and wounds.

When the staphylococci / pus bacteria invade the sweat and sebaceous glands on the eyelids, they cause violent inflammation / a stye. Conventionally, dry heat is recommended for such inflammation: such as red light, 20 minutes daily. This way the stye “matures” faster and opens up by itself so that the pus can drain away.

Therapy recommendations with bioresonance:

Attention! Be sure to always treat the patient in advance with the appropriate basic therapy as well as treatment of the elimination organs (liver, kidneys, lymph).

For this purpose, we have program sequence 10046 “Detoxification, general”.

Further sequences with more targeted effects:

  • 10093 Liver detoxication
  • 10114 Renal functional impairment
  • 10097 Lymph activation

Please also test bacteria, as mentioned earlier, as they are the most common cause of a bacterial stye.

Elimination of bacteria:

  • Program sequence 10024 “Pathogens, strain due to”


  • Program sequence 10325 Ai Pathogen (only in BICOM® optima B32-B34, BM34 or Extension Module 1)
  • Program sequence 10326 Di Pathogen (only in BICOM® optima B32-B34, BM34 or Extension Module 1)
  • Program 197.0 Ai (possibly test time)
  • Program 998.0 Ai (Test for amplification and time)

Input cup: Toxin / Bacteria ampule
Output cup: Modulation mat + eye applicator (or knob applicator with red cable)

Symptom related bioresonance therapy:

  • 3037.0 Inflammations
  • 3036.0 Regulate detoxication
  • 10058 / 922.2 / 923.2 Tissue process acute / chronic
  • 520.1 Inflammation of the eye

Channel 2 / Substance complex: Bacteria / Staphylococcus, Vessels / Lymph support.

Additional support can be delivered with “pink ampules” from BICOM® CTT such as Bacterial strain, Elimination of bacteria toxins, Bacteria killer, Cell protection against bacteria etc.
These ampules can be run in the yellow cup / honeycomb.

Tip: The eyes have an energetic connection to the liver, therefore you should also test here if / which programs your patient needs and treat accordingly. The stomach meridian, gallbladder meridian and bladder meridian also often play an important role.

We wish you much success in implementing our tips!