Bioresonance Therapy Gaining In Popularity Around The World

Bioresonance therapy, classified as a method of empirical healing, was first invented in the year 1977. After the invention of this technology, BICOM devices slowly started to become present in the offices of some practitioners within the German region that focused on alternative healing methods. During the earlier stages of Bioresonance therapy, the technology did not become a worldwide phenomenon, and it wasn’t until recently that the product started to become a more accepted form of treating many chronic and acute health conditions in many countries. 

Today, Bioresonance therapy has started to become an important part of medical science. Even though research behind this technology is still somewhat limited, evidence that has already been presented have shown that the use of a BICOM machine can, in fact, yield positive and effective results when it comes to conditions such as allergies, asthma, pain, and even more serious health problems. 

As the technology becomes more popular, more-and-more practitioners are also looking into these devices and becoming certified to offer patients access to an alternative therapeutic service that could help improve their health without invasive procedures. 

Today, we are going to take a look at how Bioresonance therapy is, indeed, becoming more popular around the world. 

Bioresonance Therapy Is Becoming A Popular Alternative Healing Method

After the technology was initially invented, Bioresonance therapy was primarily offered to patients in Germany. The technology later started to spread to other parts of the world and has now become exceptionally popular within the United Kingdom, as well as many other areas throughout the world. 

It is not only the expansion of service centers where the treatment is offered that should be considered when we discuss how Bioresonance therapy is becoming more popular, but also success stories that have been shared by patients who experienced the healing potential of the technology first hand. 

One excellent example of how Bioresonance therapy is expanding and becoming more popular brings us to a news article that was published on the Geo News website, a local website that provides the latest news to people in Pakistan. The article revolved around the third official Bioresonance treatment center that opened its doors within the local area, Karachi. Two former centers were also founded in the previous two years, all operating under the name Medical Frequency Centre. 

After seeing so much success in the patients that were treated using Bioresonance technology, the founder of the company thought that it would be a good idea to expand and open up a new center. This new center has now expanded the area that the company is able to cover and has offered thousands more people access to an affordable alternative therapy that has been proven to assist in the treatment of many ailments, including some diseases. 

Another example would be the East-West Biointegrative Health Center, a healing center that opened its doors within the Philippines at the end of 2017.  Dr. Frederick Erick Francisco explained to BusinessMirror that Bioresonance therapy is a technology that can effectively help the body heal without having to undergo invasive procedures. He opened up the East-West Biointegrative Health Center as part of his networked facilities that all specialize in providing patients access to alternative remedies for the benefit of their well-being. The center is located in Makati City and serves people in the local areas within a building that features an interior that makes people feel right at home. 

There are many examples of how Bioresonance therapy has helped people as well – many of these people have spoken out about their experience with the technology. This has also led to the increasing popularity of this therapy – as more people are telling the world how the therapy has helped them, more people, in turn, become interested in experiencing the healing benefits of Bioresonance therapy for themselves. 

In March 2018, a boy in St. Catharine was treated with many conventional methods for a rare allergic condition he suffered from, without any success. After turning to Bioresonance therapy, the boy’s symptoms started to become less severe, and he was able to survive. 

Worldwide famous model Annalise Braakensiek had a life-changing experience after undergoing Bioresonance therapy. She had trouble with chronic fatigue syndrome and tried many options that were presented to her – even some conventional drugs – which ultimately failed at relieving her symptoms. After just a few 60-minute sessions on a BICOM device, Annalise experienced a significant reduction in her symptoms, and she was able to feel healthier, more energetic, and had less frequent sessions of fatigue. 


Alternative therapies and medicines are often sought after by people who fear conventional treatment options that can sometimes be invasive. Bioresonance therapy has gained in popularity over just a few years and is now available in many countries as an alternative therapy that can help the body heal from the inside, without the need for invasive procedures and often even without the need for conventional treatments, such as pharmaceutical drugs.