How Much Does Bioresonance Therapy Cost?

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The use of alternative therapeutic services for the treatment of pain, allergies, and even chronic diseases are becoming more popular. Bioresonance therapy is one of the most emerging options that patients are opting for in order to experience relief in the symptoms that are causing them difficulty within their own lives. Even though this therapeutic option is becoming more popular today, a lot of people are still concerned about the cost of these services. 

Since Bioresonance therapy is offered by private practitioners and at some clinics around the world, the cost for undergoing this treatment tend to defer from one location to another location. This can make it difficult to help a patient determine how much money they would need to pay in order to undergo this type of alternative treatment. Patients find that it is important for them to know how much money they will need to spend beforehand since medical insurance programs do not cover the costs of such services. 

In this post, we are going to try and provide a basic explanation of what to expect in terms of the costs associated with Bioresonance therapy – at least to give you an idea of how much you might have to pay to experience effective results. 

The Costs Of Undergoing Bioresonance Therapy

The cost of Bioresonance therapy often defers from one patient to another patient, because there are several factors that are taken into account when it comes to determining the real cost behind the treatment. Fortunately, Bioresonance therapy usually tends to be much more cost-effective and affordable solution compared to some of the conventional treatment options that are available to patients. 

First, it is important to take into consideration that an initial consultation will be charged to the patient. During this session, a BICOM device will be used in order to detect the existing electromagnetic waves within the patient’s body. This session tends to take longer than usual sessions – on average, and the patient should expect to be at the practitioner’s office for around 90 minutes during their initial consultation. The cost of an initial consultation with Reson8, for example, will cost a patient £190. This calculates to around $262,76, depending on the current exchange rate. 

Follow up sessions tend to last about 60 minutes each and costs an average of £60. This calculates to about $79. Follow up sessions are not as time-consuming as the initial consultation and will usually involve electromagnetic signals being sent back into the patient’s body. 

This data can be used to calculate an approximate amount that treatment will calculate to. Each patient is different, and their particular condition and symptoms will need to be taken into account. For milder conditions, only one or two follow-up sessions may be needed for effective results. In other cases, the patient may need to undergo multiple follow-up sessions in order to experience a relief in the symptoms that they are suffering from – this will, of course, result in higher charges for the complete treatment.

Some clinics and practitioners who offer their patients access to Bioresonance services do offer packages that have been designed to include the average number of sessions a patient may need to undergo, or specialty services, for appropriate results to be achieved. These packages can often yield significant savings compared to undergoing single sessions. 

As an example, Reson8 offers weight loss programs at £90 for the package. A smoking cessation package is also made available to patients, which will cost the patient £250, which calculates to about $329. 

There are also alternative options available at many of these facilities which are equipped with BICOM devices, depending on the conditions that the patient is suffering from and the particular services that may be required to provide them with adequate results. 

Live blood analysis can sometimes be offered to patients to detect impurities and particular problems that may be present within their blood. The average cost for a single session, which will usually yield adequate results, is £90. 

Body scans can also be requested at an average price of £90. At this price, the patient will be scanned and provided details on any problem areas that may be present within their body. Requesting a comprehensive report that contains more details of the results found in the body scan may often yield an added cost. 


Many people interested in undergoing Bioresonance therapy are unsure whether they will be able to afford this treatment. While it can be difficult to accurately determine how much the treatment will cost, due to a lot of factors that are usually considered during the calculation, we have provided some guidance here to help you determine an approximate amount to work with. It would still be important to contact a center in a patient’s local area who does offer the service to request more accurate data on how much they charge for this type of therapy.