Clinical Observations of 300 Children Suffering from Asthma Treated with BICOM® 2000 Bio-Resonance Device

by Yang Jinzhi and Zhang Li
The Asthma Research Center of Jinan Children’s Hospital

Abstract: From May to December of 2003, the Asthma Research Center of Jinan Children’s Hospital introduced the Germany-made BICOM® 2000 to treat 415 children suffering from asthma, 300 of whom were treated with the desensitization method. The total effectiveness rate reaches as high as 93.3%.

Key Words: BICOM®; Bio-Resonance Treatment Device; Desensitization; Asthma.

There were many allergen test methods in the past, but nearly all of them are very painful, not suitable for children sufferers. And desensitization treatment can’t be made in these traditional methods, but only test can be made. In May 2003, our hospital led the country in introducing the BICOM2000 from Germany, and applied it for clinical treatment. We treated 300 child asthma sufferers by allergen test and desensitization. The clinical observations and results are reported as follows:

1. Sources and Method:

1.1. All the selected cases come from the patients treated in the Asthma Research

Center of our hospital, who are diagnosed as asthma according to 2002 GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR ASTHMA. We randomly divide the 300 cases into two groups: 87 cases in Comparison Group and 213 cases in Observation Group. Of the 300 cases, 197 sufferers are males while 103 sufferers are females. Their ages range from 2 years and 3 months old to 15 years old.

Comparison Group: The sufferers in this group are treated with the GINA therapy of the 2002 GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR ASTHMA. And the sufferers are offered the anti-allergy medicines and hormone injection.

Observation Group: 7-10 days after stopping using anti-allergy medicines and oral hormone medicine, we take desensitization therapy with BICOM® 2000, using hormones in some specific area without offering any anti-allergy medicines.
1.2. Method:

1.2.1. Allergen Test: Taking advantages of the 491 sample allergens of the BICOM2000, through infrared receiver, we conduct tests on 20 acupuncture points of the sufferer’s fingers of both hands. If necessary, we suggest the sufferer bring his or her suspected allergens for testing.

1.2.2. Desensitization Therapy: 312 sufferers are conducted desensitization with the BICOM® 2000 bio-resonance device. We put a little amount of saliva or a drop of blood into the information cup. We conduct basic treatment and follow-up treatment before we put the sample allergen into the information cup for desensitization. Each time we desensitize 1 or 2 main allergens for 20- 30 minutes, once a week. If the patients are under serious conditions and in the breaking-out period, the desensitization can be made once per 3 days. The desensitization will not stop until no allergen can be found. The common sufferers need 7-10 times of desensitization. And times will be needed for the patients with a longer history of allergy.

2. The Standard for Judging the Curative Effect:

Obviously Effective: The symptoms such as cough, pant and asthmatic breathing sounds, disappear. And such allergic symptoms as nose itch, sneezing, nose running, disappear too. No recurrences happen within half a year.

Effective: The allergic symptoms such as nose itch, sneezing, nose running are greatly alleviated from (+++) to (+). Times of recurrences are reduced obviously within half a year than before. Even if recurrences happen, the symptoms are so slight that it is not necessary to be hospitalized or to need infusion.

To Turn Better: The allergic symptoms such as nose itch, sneezing, nose running are alleviated from (+++) to (++). Times of recurrences are reduced within half a year than before. Times of hospitalization for asthma are also reduced.

Ineffective: After treatments, asthma and allergic symptoms still happens without any obvious improvement.

3. Clinical Results: Please see the following table:

Treatment Results of the 300 Asthma Sufferers Treated with BICOM® 2000
Note: The total effectiveness rate includes those of being obviously effective, turning better and being effective.

The above table shows that among the 213 children allergic-asthma sufferers treated with BICOM® 2000 bio-resonance device, 52.5% sufferers’ symptoms such as cough, pant and asthmatic breathing sounds, disappear, and their allergic symptoms such as nose itch, sneezing, nose running, disappear too.

There are no recurrences within half a year. 32.8 % sufferers’ allergic symptoms are greatly alleviated from (+++) to (+). Times of recurrences are reduced obviously within half a year than before. Even if recurrences happen, the symptoms are so slight that it is not necessary to be hospitalized or to need infusion. 7.9% of sufferers’ allergic symptoms are alleviated from (+++) to (++).
Times of recurrences are reduced within half a year than before. Times of hospitalization for asthma are also reduced. Only 6.6% sufferers’ asthmatic and allergic symptoms show any obvious improvement. The total effectiveness rate is 93.3%, 17.5% higher than the Comparison Group (75.8%).

4. Discussion:

The application of the bio-resonance treatment technology to clinical practices is based on the theory of quantum physical wave proposed by the French scientist, Mr. Louis Victor De Broglie. This theory holds that each substance has its own specific wave pattern. When a certain allergen contacts the human body, it will stimulate human body to generate an abnormal wave pattern. When human body contacts the allergen again, it will generate a stronger electromagnetic vibrant wave.
The disturbed electromagnetic vibrant wave can be obtained from an applicator attached to human body, and put into the BICOM® 2000 device. After these wave patterns are reversed and magnified within the device, the reversed vibrant waves can be returned back to the sufferer’s body in a way of vibrant waves for treatment to readjust the remained electromagnetic vibrant waves into normal ones. Thus, the human body will be restored in this way.
Allergen is one of the most dangerous elements to cause asthma. It was reported that the children asthma sufferers shall be treated earlier in a regular, systematic, immune and desensitized way, the earlier the better, trying the best to heal asthma in his or her puberty. If we offer an active and reasonable treatment to children asthma sufferers, the recovery rate will be increased as high as 95%. In case those sufferers are not healed in puberty, the active and reasonable treatment in their childhood will obviously alleviate asthma in their adulthood. So, the earlier treatment of asthma will make sufferers benefit in his or her whole life. Our hospital had treated 213 children asthma sufferers with BICOM® 2000 bio-resonance device with a total effectiveness rate of 93.3%. With the reliable curative effect, the BICOM® 2000 is especially effective to baby allergic-asthma sufferers. It can be used as an auxiliary means for controlling asthma effectively, not only reducing the varieties of medicines for sufferers and reducing recurrences rate, but also decreasing medical expenses. All patients have not shown unhealthy signs during treatment. This device has a much wider range of sample allergens, ensuring the allergen test more accurate and more extensively applicable. Without pain and hurt during treatment process, it not only shortens the treatment time, but also brings curative effect in a short time. Thus, it can be used to replace the allergen test and treatment method that we used before.
The application of the bio-resonance device to desensitization can be taken as an auxiliary means to control asthma for a long term, and be worth further popularizing. However, because the time that we use this device is short, we need more time to further observe its long-term curative effect.


Bibliography Yang Jinzhi and Zhang Li