Why People Are Opting For Bioresonance Therapy

Child with asthma inhaler

Bioresonance therapy, an alternative that was developed to help the body initiate a natural healing process to fight against common medical concerns, have seen an increase in popularity over the last few years. Even though there are many mixed opinions about Bioresonance therapy, and some still do believe that this is not the most appropriate option for people with disease, a large number of scientific studies have already been conducted to help the general population understand just how effective this therapeutic service can be to assist in the management of certain conditions. 

Over the years, Bioresonance therapy has been utilized in more-and-more conditions. Due to the underlying mechanisms of this technology, scientists specializing in the administration of this therapy are increasingly looking at more ways that BICOM machines can be used to help the general population, whether they are suffering from something like pain or a more serious condition. 

In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the most common reasons why people are opting for Bioresonance therapy. We will take a look at some of the most effective uses for the therapy to help potential patients understand if this type of alternative remedy could be useful for them. 


Allergies are some of the most common conditions that the general population suffers from. According to the AAAAI, approximately 7.8% of American adults are suffering from hay fever, and up to 30% of adults throughout the world are experiencing allergic rhinitis. Allergies often yield mild symptoms that tend to go away with a dose of antihistamines, but can sometimes become a more serious issue. 

Bioresonance therapy is often used in the treatment of allergic conditions, including hay fever and allergic rhinitis. The technology has also been shown to provide positive effects when used in the treatment of skin-related allergic conditions, such as eczema. Desensitization therapy can be initiated in a patient with allergies through the use of a BICOM device. In one study, Bioresonance therapy was used to treat the allergic condition in 213 children. In 52.5% of the treated patients, symptoms completely disappeared, and others experience significant improvements in the symptoms that they were suffering from. 


Asthma is primarily considered a type of allergic condition and often causes patients to experience trouble breathing. While some patients tend to experience only mild effects when they suffer from asthma, others are at risk of more serious complications that may even put their lives in danger in some cases. 

This is another area where Bioresonance therapy has provided positive results. Through the use of a BICOM device, “bad” signals in the body can be effectively detected and then reprogrammed so that the body can start naturally healing itself. This technology helps to reduce the occurrence of factors such as asthma attacks. Asthma is treated in a similar way to how allergies are treated with Bioresonance therapy. 


Millions of people are addicted to certain substances – cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs are the most common substances that cause dependency issues. Addiction ultimately leads to harm in the human body, which is why people should be concerned when they are suffering from addiction themselves. 

Fortunately, Bioresonance therapy again becomes a useful option – many people have been able to successfully stop using the substance that they have become dependant on with the help of a BICOM device. The frequency patterns that are emitted from the body due to the use of certain substances, such as nicotine, can be effectively reversed with the use of Bioresonance therapy. In turn, cessation of the substance will ultimately be easier for the patient. When withdrawal symptoms are not so severe, patients usually find it easier to give up nicotine or another substance and has a better chance of staying off the substance in the future. 


Pain is not a condition itself, but rather considered a symptom of an underlying factor, such as arthritis, nerve compression, and sometimes also injury. Pain can affect almost any part of the body, from joints to muscles and more. When pain develops, it can cause disability and have a significant interference with a patient’s day-to-day abilities. 

With Bioresonance therapy, frequencies in the patient’s body can be analyzed to detect problematic areas. Once these areas are detected, a program can be developed to help restore a balance within the patient’s electromagnetic waves. This, in turn, gives the body the ability to start healing from the inside. 


Practitioners are using Bioresonance therapy to assist patients in experiencing relief of their pain symptoms, as well as to assist in the management of other medical conditions. The technology has advanced significantly over the last few decades and has now become an essential part of the alternative therapy market. Many scientific studies have also provided evidence of the potential benefits that Bioresonance therapy is able to offer patients who opt for this alternative treatment method.